Justice For Ken

Some of you have asked how you can help regarding the recent news of charges being reduced via plea bargain from felony murder to INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER in Ken Allen’s murder case.

Write and send letters NOW. The hearing is on Friday 10/20/17. At that hearing Judge Wood will decide whether or not accept the pleas. If he accepts them, god forbid, he will pass sentence at this hearing.

These are suggestions….

Write the newspapers that have covered this story. Write the Judge. Write the prosecutor.

REMEMBER… do not be rude or angry when you write the judge or the prosecutor. Do not attack anyone. Do not disparage anyone. Make judicious use of your First Amendment right. Be deferential but firm when writing letters to the judge. Let the judge know that you know he is a wise and experienced man and has been an asset to the community for his entire career, because he is.

REMEMBER …. Death resulting from or during commission of a felony is MURDER, not manslaughter. If I’m driving down the road texting and I drift into the oncoming lane and kill some unlucky person THAT is involuntary manslaughter.

For defendants Wonish and Robins: you should vigorously object to the prosecution’s recommendation and to urge the judge to A.) Reject the plea and/or B.) Sentence them to max provided by law with sentences to run consecutively.

For the defendant Schindler: you should vigorously object to the prosecution’s recommendation and to urge the judge to reject any plea deal that reduces felony murder to involuntary manslaughter. Schindler has yet to be offered a plea deal by the prosecution, but it’s coming. Schindler was released on his own recognizance by Judge Wood on 5/2/17 in spite of being charged with felony murder.

Is there a deadline for writing letters? YES! ASAP and write as many as you can as often as you can. ONE A DAY! The next hearing is on 10/20/17, and that our last chance.

More points to consider when writing your letters:

Neither burglary 1st nor involuntary manslaughter are considered to be “violent crimes” in the state of Missouri. If they were considered violent, Wonish and Robins would be required to serve at least 85% of their sentences. But since they are not, they may only serve about 30% of their sentence, which if the prosecutions plea deal succeeds and they get a max of 10 year sentence, Wonish and Robins COULD BE OUT IN 3 YEARS. Their first year spent in jail since Ken’s murder counts as time towards that sentence.

How would you feel if these people were out free in or near your community after only 3 years? Write about that.

Ken’s details are: Kenneth Lee Allen Jr. Resident of Washington, MO. Murdered at the age of 70.

Neither Judge Wood nor the head prosecuting attorney Bob Parks are up for reelection. They are both retiring. Judge Wood retires on 10/23/17. I hear Bob Parks retires in 2018. Neither of them care about votes.

Defendants Wonish and Robins have a criminal history. You can see all of this on MO Casenet. In fact, they both had warrants out for their arrest in the weeks prior to Ken’s murder for failure to appear in court for other charges. If they hadn’t been on the street, Ken would be alive today. Their cases are summarized at the end of this post, which can be found on Missouri Casenet.

Ken served Franklin County for over 40 years helping people with alcohol and drug addiction. Is this to be his legacy? His alleged murders getting a slap on the wrist? How insulting.

The original charge against the defendants is Felony Murder. Bob Parks via plea deal agreed to the charge of involuntary manslaughter. This amended charge is TWO STEPS DOWN from murder. How insulting.

In the plea deal, the defendants will serve 10 years for count 1 of burglary and 7 years for count 3 for involuntary manslaughter and they will be served CONCURRENTLY. That means they will NOT serve 17 years, but 10 years, maximum. As the plea deal stands today, the suspects will serve MORE TIME for the 1st degree burglary they committed against my dad (10 years) than for Ken’s murder (7 years). How insulting.

Ken was a senior citizen. These people came into his house and he was murdered. Is this how the Franklin County criminal justice system wants to protect its citizens, especially senior citizens, by slapping the wrists of people charged with murder?

A criminal defense attorney friend has said that, although sentencing is very inconsistent, there are guys who are convicted of cooking meth who get 10 years, and guys who steal cars who get 7 years. Ken was murdered. The people involved with this will only get a concurrent total of TEN YEARS?? How insulting.

If these suspects get away with only involuntary manslaughter, it suggests they are not culpable. That means they will have no murder charge following them for the rest of their lives, and communities in which they inhabit will not know they are responsible for a man’s death and were charged with murder.

These people, the defendants, should pay for their poor choices, pay dearly. And Ken suffered abject terror before his death.

Write the Missourian newspaper:
The Missourian Publishing Company
P.O. Box 336
14 W. Main Street
Washington, MO 63090
Phone: 636-239-7701 or toll free: 1-888-239-7701
Fax: 636-390-3057 (please put ‘attention to’ on fax cover sheet)

Write the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
900 North Tucker Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63101
For calls from outside the 314 and 636 area codes, you can call us at 800-365-0820.
You can e-mail Post-Dispatch staff members by using an individual’s first initial and last name @post-dispatch.com

Judge Gael Wood
Franklin County Judicial Center
401 East Main Street
Union, MO 63084
(636) 583-7365 (Criminal Court)

Robert E. Parks
Prosecuting Attorney
15 S Church St
Room 204
Union, MO 63084
(p) 636 583-6370

Missouri Attorney General’s Office
Supreme Court Building
207 W. High St.
P.O. Box 899
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: 573-751-3321

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
Justice Patricia Breckenridge
207 West Main Street
P.O. Box 150
Jefferson City, MO 65102
The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over procedural matters at the Circuit Court Level through the State Courts Administrators Office

The cases found on MO Casenet against Wonish and Robins:
Timothy Wonish:
* Case No. 1211-CR00167 – Assault in the 3 rd Degree in St. Charles County against a Highway Worker, Incarceration for a period of 60 days on 3/19/2012
* Case No. 13BB-CR00480 – Driving while Revoked/Suspended, 2 nd or Subsequent Offense occurring on 4/21/2013 in Warren County; Incarceration in Warren County Jail on 4/29/2014
* Case No. 13SL-CR09142- 01 – Possession of Controlled Substance in St. Louis County; Probation ordered 2/27/2014; Probation suspended 1/8/2016; Ordered Incarcerated for 1 yr on 7/7/2016
* Case No. 16AB-CR01481- 01 – Possession with Intent to Distribute/Deliver/Manufacture/Produce a Controlled Substance in Franklin County; Case Not Yet Disposed but Plea to Take Place on 9/19/2017

Whitney Robins:
* Case No. 15AB-AC01420 – Unlawful use of Drug Paraphernalia in Franklin County, Incarceration for 1 day and fined $100
* Case No. 16AB-CR00287 – Unlawful use of Drug Paraphernalia and 3 rd Degree Assault in Franklin County, To date Not Disposed
* Case No. 16AB-CR01447 – Two Counts of 2nd Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Not Yet Disposed
* Case No. 120941017 – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in Franklin County, To Date Not Yet Disposed
* Case No. 16AB-CR01459- 01 – Possession of a Controlled Substance in Franklin County, Plea Hearing Scheduled

3 thoughts on “Justice For Ken

  1. Kathy, I will be doing my best to help you get justice for your father. I will share this with as many friends as I can and will be writing letters vigorously everyday. You’re in my prayers. Do you know if we can organize peacefully or gather signatures to petition the courts to grant a change of venue?


    • I’m certain you can gather peacefully. I hope you do. However I don’t know how the city of Union, or any other nearby town handles protests and permits. As for petitions, yes please do that, although I don’t know that the justice system will honor it. What is important about that is public awareness and our show of unity protest towards the justice system on this matter.


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