Jan 3rd 2018 hearing

At the hearing on Jan 3, the following happened:
Judge Hellmann asked the prosecutor and all 3 defense attorneys to “catch him up” on what’s been going on in this case. He got answers from them. Based on what they told him in open court, I know they didn’t tell him EVERYTHING that’s going on.
The prosecutor told the judge that he has prepared an updated plea deal for all 3 defendants, which all 3 are prepared to accept. This plea deal is EVEN MORE LENIENT than the deal offered in Aug 2017. Comparing the plea deals:
Aug 2017 plea deal:
* Count 1 Burglary 1st, 10 years
* Count 2 receiving stolen property dismissed
* Count 3 Felony Murder amended to Involuntary Manslaughter, 7 years
Counts 1 and 3 to run concurrently, hence 10 years
Judge Wood rejected the above plea deal as “too lenient”.
Parks’ new plea deal is even more lenient:
Jan 2018 plea deal:
* Burglary 1st is dismissed
* Count 2 receiving stolen property reinstated
* Count 3 Felony Murder amended to Involuntary Manslaughter, 7 years
Total time served: 7 years
Judge Hellmann asked the prosecutor more than once “how does the victim’s family feel about this.” Parks’ response was “they disagree”.
Blake Schindler, still out of jail on his own recognizance asked the judge for permission to visit his great grandparents while he is under house arrest. The judge asked him if his great grandparents could visit him instead. Blake said no because they are old. The judge agreed. I’m sad I can’t visit my dad, my grandma, and now my uncle. They’re all dead in the last year, one murdered, all thanks to these defendants.
This hearing appeared to be merely for Judge Hellmann to start getting caught up on what’s going on in this case. He made no decisions. I will be sending a letter with a lot of content to Judge Hellmann, to catch him up on the case. My understanding is that Hellmann would have Judge Wood’s file on this case, which should include all of my prior correspondence. But who knows.
A new hearing date was set: Feb 6th at 1:30pm. My understanding at this time is that I will be allowed to read my victim impact statement in open court again. You bet I’ll be there. I don’t know if this hearing will be one where Judge Hellmann will decide to reject or accept Parks’ plea deals.
If you want to write letters, please do. I don’t know if it will do any good. The main points, in my opinion, to address are:
* The defendants committed the felony of burglary of my dad’s home. This is felony murder, hence Murder 2.
* The cause of death is NOT positional asphyxia as the prosecutor thinks. The cause of death is asphyxiation from neck compression, which is stated on the death certificate (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-zWrp_PwRkyUFAzak5peHdESnM). Asphyxiation from neck compression is not an accident.
* The prosecutor revealed his prejudice calling my dad a pedophile during a temper tantrum he threw at my family in the court conference room on 9/19/2017. My dad was not a pedophile. He was gay.
* Bob Parks’ wife is DYING. She has early onset alzheimer’s, I have been told. He is struggling to take care of her. HE IS DISTRACTED, and he should remove himself from this case and request a special prosecutor.
The Honorable Judge Craig Hellmann
20th Judicial Circuit
401 East Main St
Room 100A
Union, MO 63084
State of Missouri v. Timothy Wonish 16AB-CR02348-01
State of Missouri v. Blake Schindler 16AB-CR02350-01
State of Missouri v. Whitney Robins 17AB-CR00659