Former Prosecutor Buescher on the Allen Case

On February 8, 2018 the Washington Missourian newspaper published a letter to the editor from former prosecutor Dan Buescher (1970-1981). The title is “Conflict of Interest in the Allen Case”.

Here is the text:

To The Editor:

In the first place, nearly any death that occurs in the commission of a first-degree burglary constitutes a felony murder and any prosecutor worth his pay knows this and could try the case to a conviction, especially when the coroner in this case reported that Mr. Allen’s death was caused by choking and not by the position in which the burglars had tied him up.

The coroner’s report sent from Parks’ office states this clearly as does the coroner’s later explanation.

Mr. Parks’ only explanation for the extremely lenient plea deal of seven years imprisonment, which at least two judges (Gael Wood and Craig Hellmann) have refused to accept as being too little (I assume), was the false statement that the cause of death was from Allen’s position while tied, not from an intentional choking.


Now Mr. Parks dismissed all other crimes committed, leaving only the “intentional manslaughter” charge, thereby tying the later judge’s hands. I wonder where Mr. Parks got his medical degree so that he thinks he can substitute his opinion for that of the only coroner who examined the body.


Further, the cause of death is immaterial in this case as it is still a felony murder. Mr. Parks also later claimed that Mr. Allen was a pedophile. I doubt that, since there is no record of any conviction.

If it were true, Parks should have prosecuted him to protect the children of Franklin County! Moreover, Mr. Parks and his office should have never touched this case since at the time of his death Ken Allen was suing Mr. Parks in civil court. In my opinion, this is a clear conflict of interest, calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor.


So the question remains: Why did Mr. Parks and his office stay in this case?


Emissourian link: Conflict of Interest in Allen Case

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