Next hearing date is March 2nd 2018

The next hearing for the murder cases is Friday March 2nd at 2pm. The hearing will be at 401 E Main St, Union MO in front of Judge Michael Wright.

The 3 defendants are pleading guilty to the charge, the only remaining charge prosecutor Parks has left for them, of Involuntary Manslaughter with the maximum sentence for that charge — 7 years. Prosecutor Parks has dropped Burglary 1 and reduced Murder 2 to Involuntary Manslaughter. I guess soon my family will get back fromĀ the evidence room the possessions these 3 defendants took from our house. We will never get my dad back.

This is not a plea agreement between the prosecution and the defense. This is a plea. Therefore, there is no plea deal for the judge to accept or reject. Prosecutor Parks has tied the hands of the judges. They can’t reject this.

Remember, on Jan 8, 2018 Judge Hellmann rejected as too lenient the plea deal Parks was offering whereby the defendants would plead guilty to Count 2 receiving stolen property and Count 3 Felony Murder amended to Involuntary Manslaughter, 7 years; Total time served: 7 years. On Oct 20, 2017 Judge Wood rejected as too lenient a plea deal which was LESS lenient than the one in January 2018.

Prosecutor Parks is more interested in offering plea deals and avoiding trials than obtaining truth and justice, or doing his job. Taking another person’s life is the greatest evil one can commit. Prosecutor Parks has worked very hard to be as lenient as possible to my dad’s killers. I presume you will see the final result of his work on this on Mar 2nd.

Still want to write letters? If you want to:

The Honorable Judge Michael Wright
104 West Booneslick
Warrenton, MO 63383

The following details on the case numbers and the defendants’ legal representation is publicly available information which can be obtained on MO Casenet:

State of Missouri v. Timothy Wonish 16AB-CR02348-01
Tim Wonish represented by public defender Jessica H Hoskins, Washington, MO

State of Missouri v. Whitney Robins 17AB-CR00659
Whitney Robins represented by public defender Kenneth Robert Heineman Jr, Union, MO

State of Missouri v. Blake Schindler 16AB-CR02350-01
Blake Schindler represented by private attorney Patrick Robert Austermann, St Louis, MO

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