Update on Petition for Writ of Mandmus

Judge Darrell Missey granted the Respondents their motion to dismiss our case against Prosecutor Bob Parks.

Missey said in the docket notes, that the Respondents will submit to depositions if the case survived the motion to dismiss.


Judge Missey was gravely in error to dismiss this case. We do have standing. We do have the right.

In Missey’s decision to dismiss, he makes scathing remarks towards Prosecutor Parks.

“In this case, the Relators wish to disqualify the Prosecuting Attorney because he is doing a bad job, literally letting three defendants get away with murder. If the allegations in the Petition are true, this Court agrees that the conduct of the Respondent is despicable. That horrible conduct does not authorize this Court to disqualify the prosecuting attorney, however. Although the decision to disqualify a prosecuting attorney “lies within the sound discretion of the trial court”, the decision to do so must be based upon an actual conflict of interest.”


As of July 2018, this case is slowly moving through the appeals process.

All articles related to the Writ of Mandamus petition:

First Amended Petition for Writ of Mandamus

Suggestions in Support of Petition

Relators Response to the Motion to Dismiss

Writ is under advisement 4/14/18

Judgement Granting Respondents Motion to Dismiss 4/25/18

Judge Dismisses Writ Against Parks 4/26/18

New Details Released in Allen Homicide 4/27/18

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